Miscellaneous Game Rentals

Miscellaneous Game Rentals

So Many Choices!

We have a ton of really unique game rentals that are sure to be a crowd pleaser at a Stag & Doe, Fundraiser, Birthday Party, or any event. There is a tiny description of each game, a picture of what you can expect to get, the rental price, plus a link that will detail how to make a profit off of this game rental. Most of the descriptions also include the dimensions so that you know what vehicle you will need to pick it up in. So much fun!

Crack the Code: $45

Here is how Crack the Code works: Your guests will look at 100 codes placed on a table beside the Door, and will guess which code is the winning code that will unlock the door to reveal a Prize! This cutting edge game replaces the old school Treasure Chest game which required you to try to sell keys to open a door. Instead of having the nuisance of tracking down all 100 keys at the end of the night and hoping that you find and return the 1 winning key to us, we instead provide you with 100 disposable pre-printed labels which each have a random code on them, such as "1059" for example. Your guest will buy at least 1 code and take the label(s) with them. They can stick it on their shirt which is great advertising for you to sell more codes, or they can simply put it in their pocket or purse. Nearing the end of the fundraiser, your guests will get a chance to enter in their code to see if it will open the door. When you come to pick up the game, we allow you to choose the winning code and we program it for you right there before you take it. The size of the door on Crack the Code is quite impressive too - it stands 3 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide.

Helpful Links:

Crack the Code Crack the Code Sign

Jail & Bail: $59

Your guests will randomly ask the person(s) that you nominate to be the Sheriff, to put a "friend" in the Jail Cell. The Sheriff can handcuff the hands together and walk them over to the Jail Cell and leave them in there (usually people pay $1 a minute). The inmate can then bail themselves out or someone else can bail them out by paying double. You can fit 6-8 people in there, so plenty of room! Each of the 4 walls (7 ft tall by 5 ft wide) are unassembled for easy traveling, and it just takes a couple of minutes to screw the bolts together. You must rent our SHERIFF SHIRTS to go along with the theme, they are so cute!

Helpful Links:

Jail & Bail Jack & Bail Sign

Punch a Bunch: $90 (NEW!!)

This game is huge! It stands 53" high, and 48" wide - a show stopper for sure! There are a million ways you can play this, but here are some ideas. In each of the 25 spots, you can have an envelope in there that will detail what they have won. Or you may choose to have point values in there, and if they get over a certain amount of points, they would win. When they punch the rubber mats, you can reuse them for the next person (unlike in the real game on TV). These are fantastic for icebreakers at a CORPORATE EVENT, a kissing game at a WEDDING, or at any Fundraiser or STAG & DOE.

Helpful Links:

Punch a Bunch Punch a Bunch Sign

Here you will see 4 pics:

  • How you actually punch it
  • What it looks like from behind (this is where you insert up to 25 prizes)
  • What it looks like on the side, and how the title folds down for transporting it
  • How easy it is to move around as it has wheels on the bottom
Punch a Bunch Punch a Bunch Punch a Bunch Punch a Bunch

Bra Pong: $69 (NEW!!)

This game is quite impressive and professional, and it would be great for Breast Cancer Fundraisers or Stag & Doe's! We give you 5 ping pong balls with this game and your guests can either bounce it once and up to a bra, or just toss it towards a bra. The bras closer to the top are worth the most points because they are harder to get and have a smaller cup size, and visa versa for the bras at the bottom as they are easier to get. It stands 6 feet tall and is 3 feet wide, and it folds up for easy travelling. So cute!

Helpful Links:

  • MAKE A PROFIT with Bra Pong.
  • Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5. (Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the prices you want to charge per turn, and also what the prize will be for whoever gets the most points.)
  • WHAT SIZE OF VEHICLE do I need to pick this up in, and how heavy is it?
Bra Pong Bra Pong Bra Pong Sign

Beer Pong Table: $45

This is a drinking game that can make you a ton of money, and typically you would have teams of two. Each team takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team's cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates hit cups, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again. Make sure to have a lot of extra cups and balls on hand as you will go through a lot! If you want to I have another link here that will give you in how to play. Our table is easily transportable as it folds up - great for any party!

Helpful Links:

Beer Pong Table Beer Pong Sign

Penalty Box - Large: $45 (or upgrade to the XL for $24 extra)

The Large Penalty Box is 4 feet x 4 feet and it stands 4 feet high. It has 1 hinged door to let people enter and exit, and it comes apart in 3 pieces for each travelling. The box can fit up to 4 people comfortably but you can probaby squeeze another 2 in there if you wanted.

If you are thinking that this is going to be very popular, then you may want to consider upgrading to the X-Large Penalty Box (extra $24) as it is 8 feet by 4 feet, so double the size! The XL Penatly Box has 2 hinged doors on either end for people to enter / exit and although it is massive, it comes apart in 6 pieces for easy travelling! The XL Penalty Box can fit around 6-10 people comfortably but we have seen up to 12 people in there!

Choose the most outgoing / obnoxious friend you have and nominate them to be the "Referee". People will randomly give this Referee a few bucks and tell them who they want to send to the Penalty Box. The Referee will blow their whistle, EVERYONE will turn to watch (which is half of the fun), and the Referee will escort this poor sole to the Penalty Box. This person did not do anything wrong, it is just for fun because this poor unsuspecting person now has to stop what they are doing and go stand in the box! This is a sight to see, we promise! You will want to bring along a stop watch and whistle with you too!

Helpful Links:

Large Penalty Box XL Penalty Box Penalty Box Sign

Jack & The Bean Toss: $40 (NEW!!)

Who wouldn't love this game? It is a classic and any age can play it. There are point values listed at each hole so you can add up the score of 3 bean bags to see who wins! It is actually quite large too, as it is 4 feet long by 3 feet wide, and only 2 inches wide, so very easy to travel with.

Helpful Links:

  • MAKE A PROFIT with Jack & the Bean Toss.
  • Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5. (Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the point values, how much you are going to charge for the bean bags, and what the prize will be.)
  • WHAT SIZE OF VEHICLE do I need to pick this up in, and how heavy is it?
Jack & The Bean Toss

  • 1st Pic: Head-On View
  • 2nd Pic: How it Folds Up (obviously not painted on bottom!)
Jack & The Bean Toss Jack & The Bean Toss Jack & The Bean Toss Sign

Hockey Shootout: $30

Your guest shoots the puck using a stick towards the hockey net, and tries to score it in one of the targets. It is very simple, but harder than you think. The net has five targets: four targets are in each corner and one target is in the middle. You can decide what each target means and what your guests get if they score. Examples are: "Get another puck” or, “Pay $1" or, "Win 3 raffle tickets," etc. The net is extremely light weight and folds flat for easy traveling. Hockey Shootout comes with a left and right stick and three pucks.

Helpful Links:

  • MAKE A PROFIT with Hockey Shootout
  • Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5. (Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the point values, how much you are going to charge for the pucks, and what the prize will be.)
  • Add on our REFEREE SHIRTS for only $6.
  • WHAT SIZE OF VEHICLE do I need to pick this up in, and how heavy is it?
Hockey Shootout Hockey Shootout Sign

Bullseye: $27

This game is unique and popular, as you get to use a crossbow and darts, and shoot them at this target that you hang on the wall (with tape). They are not real darts with sharp edges, as we know that some of your guests may be drinking - they are plastic darts with suction cups which are very safe. Add up people's points after they shoot 3 darts and the person with the most bullseye's throughout the night will win a prize! It comes with this Professional 30" x 48" vinyl and vibrant sign that can be hung on the wall with some painters tape. You will be given a dry erase marker to write in the price that you will be charging for 3 darts, as well as what the winner will receive. So much fun!

Helpful Links:

Bullseye Bullseye

Mini Indy: $27

You find up to six players who each pick a car that they think will win the race, and each car is assigned a number. The car mat that they move along on, is 6 feet long so there is plenty of room for the players, and each car is approximately 6" long to give you an idea for size. The players hope that their car number is rolled on the dice, as their car gets to move closer to the finishing line. The first car to cross the finishing line wins! If you prefer, you can upgrade to the CAR RACE WHEEL for $18 you can get larger cars and get a 6 foot wheel instead of dice.

Helpful Links:

  • MAKE A PROFIT with the Mini Indy.
  • Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5. (Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in how much it costs them to bet on a car, and what the prize will be.)
  • WHAT SIZE OF VEHICLE do I need to pick this up in, and how heavy is it?
Mini Indy Mini Indy Sign

Soak It Up: $125

This game is be perfect at any outdoor event - school fundraiser, corporate event, backyard party, birthday party, etc. Pick your "victim" which could be a principal, bride, manager, birthday boy, etc. and grab a chair for them to sit under the bucket. Your guests will get 3 vinyl pellet filled bags to try to hit the target, and almost 5 litres of water will soak them if struck! A much cheaper alternative to renting a dunk tank which would cost you around $250 - $350 to rent.

Helpful Links:

Soak It Up