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Miscellaneous Add-ons

Money Apron: $3 (or $2 each if you rent 10+)

If you are on the go selling tickets while walking from person to person or if you are running a game, you will need a Money Apron to store your earned cash and to make change quickly.

Money Apron

Sheriff Shirt (for Jail & Bail): $8

We have three sizes: Large, XL, and XXL. These are perfect to go along with you Jail rental, and at only $8 each, its a great accessory to have as it really gets people into the game. They are very soft and are made out of 100% cotton.

Front of Sheriff Shirt Back of Sheriff Shirt

Referee Shirt (for Penalty Box or Hockey Shootout): $6

We have both women sizes (Medium, Large, XL) as well as men's sizes (Large, XL, XXL) and our Referee Shirts work perfectly when you rent our PENALTY BOX or HOCKEY SHOOTOUT as they set the stage and add to your entertainment.

Women's Ref Shirt Fun in the XL Penalty Box

Stools: $3

These chairs are great with our GAMING TABLES and they make your event step up a notch in class. They are of normal chair height (not tall bar stools).

Game Table Stools

Folding Chairs: $1.50

These chairs match perfectly with the Folding Tables you see below, and also fit perfectly around any of our GAMING TABLES. They fold for easy handling and are white in colour.

Folding Chair

Folding Tables: $10

Our folding white tables are able to seat 8 people, as they are 6 ft long, by 2.5 ft wide, and sit 2.5 ft high. They can be used at your home for an event, at a hall, at a reception, anywhere! You can also rent our white folding chairs that match perfectly with this table. (see above)

Folding Table

Dry Erase Board: $6

You can put this board (24" X 36") wherever you would like: at the front entrance informing your guests of prices, times of draws, or the winners of draws; at the bar informing your guests of the prices of drinks; or at the Gaming Tables so that you can display the high scorers of the games. It comes with a Dry Erase Marker to write whatever works for your event.

Dry Erase Board