Fundraiser Game Rental Ideas

Fundraiser Game Rental Ideas

Planning for your Fundraiser

We have tons of resources on our site, that will help you in executing the most successful Fundraiser or Charity Event possible! There are 3 very important links that we need to share with you before we go any further:

How to Plan a Successful Fundraiser or Charity Event

This page is LOADED with some awesome tips that will take you from start to finish in the planning process.

How to Throw a Casino Night Fundraiser

This page gives you tips on numbers of tables to rent, and how we can help you plan it

How to Run Games for Profit

This page shows you how to run each of our games for the most profit

Types of Fundraisers

We have had customers throw Fundraisers for all sorts of reasons. Could be for a cause, a personal friend or family member, or a not for profit organization:

  • Family or Friends suffering from a serious illness such as Cancer
  • School Fundraisers
  • Sporting Team Fundraisers (hockey, baseball, etc.)
  • United Way or other Charities
  • Church Fundraisers
  • And a Ton More!

Popular Game Rentals for Fundraisers

All of our games were designed for our customers to make a profit on at any Fundraiser, and it really does depend on who will be attending your Fundraiser, the average age, how many people are expected to come, and how much you expect the average person to spend to help determine which games to rent. We have a ton of experience with this and can definitely recommend the most popular and profitable games for you to rent based on your answers to those questions.

We find the following are most often rented for a Fundraiser:

Plinko Crown & Anchor Blackjack Poker Fore

Need More Help?

Call us to discuss your event, and we will give you all of the knowledge we have! Or you can click below on the button to get a quote for your Fundraiser.