Tips for the Day of the Fundraiser

Tips for the Day of the Fundraiser

As if planning this event were not stressful enough, but now you have to actually execute the day! Below we have some simple tips on what to do on the day of your event. Some of it is straight forawrd and obvious, but we know that you have a ton on your plate so referring to these tips may be helfpul!

Setting up for the Event

What you need to do the day of the event is first make sure that when you are setting up the tables, they are not all in straight lines like you would see at a bingo hall. Be creative and funky and change it up a bit. Maybe even draw out a layout ahead of time. From experience, we have found that you should have zones for everything: food, games, dance floor, seating area, bar, etc. This makes it easier for your guests to navigate and not miss anything. It also spreads the guests throughout the hall more evenly which will prevent people from feeling closed in and congested.

You should put games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps up against the wall so that your guests cannot go beside or behind the dealer and cheat. A huge dance floor is not needed; you want the attention to be on the games, which is where you make your money. As games start to close at the end of the night around midnight, that is when the dancing may really take off, but probably not before.

Keep an eye out for all of your volunteers as they are arriving, and hand them a list of their duties. People always want to help but don't know what your vision is, so share it! Take all the help you can get.

During the Event

Try to enjoy yourself, which may be hard, because you are probably the one who is responsible for damage to the hall itself or to the games for example, and you are probably the one who is responsible for making sure the evening runs smoothly. If you see people starting to leave or the game playing halts, get the DJ to help you out and get the excitement level back up. Bring out a new game, get the food out earlier, start calling numbers from RAFFLE TICKETS, do whatever you need to do. The longer people stay, the more money they spend. Your only job tonight is to keep everyone happy and spend money… Good luck!

After the Event

Make sure that everything is clean and as you found it, you get all of the money back from your volunteers, and that all service providers are paid. i.e.) caterer, DJ, etc. Count the money, pay back any money spent by people before the event, and the rest is profit. If you follow our advice, I am sure you will do great! But we are here to help - feel free to ask any questions and we will be more than happy to work with you so that your event is a success. Planning a Fundraiser is an insane process so by the end, you will be happy it is over!