Who are our Dealers?

Our Professional Casino Dealers come to your event in full Casino attire, are highly professional, and are skillfully trained. Most of them also currently work in a Casino, and love it so much that they also do it for us! They can make a lot more cash for your event than your buddy would make for you if he dealt. Our Dealers will get the crowd enthusiastic about playing, they will get the shyest people over and make them feel comfortable betting, and they will keep players interested and spending money due to their friendliness and entertaining qualities. Our Dealers are highly trained to look for cheaters, know the rules inside and out, and get people excited about betting. They are worth every penny! Feel free to request whether you want male or female dealers if you have a preference, and we will do our best to get you exactly what you want. At Stags for security reasons, we will only have female dealers there if some of our male dealers are there as well.

Prices & Other Info:

  • Starts at $150 per dealer for 4 hours (based on if event is in GTA)
  • 4 hours is the minimum amount of time that we deal for you
  • We will travel wherever your event is, but the rate does go up when outside of the GTA, as this is where the dealers are based out of
  • The more dealers you have, the better rates per dealer that you will receive
  • For every 3 tables, you will require a pitboss / relief person, so work that into your budget
  • Can easily provide enough dealers for every party, even up to 40!

Get a Quote:

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