Crown & Anchor Wheel Rentals

Crown & Anchor Wheel Rentals

Crown and Anchor

Crown & Anchor Wheel + 1 Regular Mat: $45

The Crown & Anchor Wheel is an awesome game to rent as the house always wins! Your guests will bet whether the wheel will stop on a heart, diamond, spade, club, crown, or anchor. It stands 6 feet tall but its stand is detachable for easy traveling and will fit into almost any car.

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Mat Options

1 Regular Mat

Here is the Regular Mat that comes with the rental of a Crown & Anchor Wheel. Its dimensions are 4.5 ft by 2.5 ft which is great for a small party and it may look after 4 people at a time.

Regular Mat

2 Regular Mats

You may want to consider having two mats (with two people running it) at each Crown & Anchor Wheel if you are expecting a large crowd. To have the second mat will cost you only $10 extra, which you are sure to make back really quickly so it is a good investment. But again, you need 2 people running it as its too much for 1 person to look after 2 mats.

Regular Mat Regular Mat

1 Deluxe Mat

Here is the Deluxe Mat that you can upgrade to for $15, which will replace the regular mat that the rental comes with. Its dimensions are 6.0 ft x 2.5 ft which may look after 7 people at a time. The space to place money down is much larger and it is almost 2 ft longer. By upgrading to this mat, more people can stand around the mat for you to make money faster! Nothing worse than having people walk away from betting because there was not enough room for them to bet.

Deluxe Mat

Game Rental Sign

Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5.
Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the maximum and minimum price you want to charge!

Crown and Anchor Sign

Cover up Some Triple Pay-Out Spots

All Bets go to Bride & Groom

When you book, we send you a few templates to choose from, which will fit the exact dimensions of one of the slots. A lot of people will cover up 2 of the triple payout spots (there are 12 altogether) and say "all bets go to bride and groom" as an example. Do not go crazy and cover them all up! Where is the fun in that?! Print them out in advance, and then tape it to the wheel once you pick up your order. Please ensure it is removed by the time we get it back.


  • $45 to rent the Crown & Anchor (comes with 1 Regular Mat)
  • $10 for additional Regular Mats
  • $15 to upgrade to Deluxe Mat
  • $5 to add on a Game Rental Sign