Craps Table Rentals

Craps Table Rentals

Which Craps game would you like to Rent?

Deluxe Craps Table: $125

This Professional Deluxe Craps Table is 90" x 46" so at 7.5 feet long, it is a beast! You can easily fit 8-10 people around it and it requires 2 dealers to run it due to the size and complexity of the game. The rich deep wood alongside the Vegas cloth will get you in the gambling mood as soon as you see it. She is a beauty!

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Deluxe Craps Table

Craps Rollout: $15

This 72" x 36" mat is a great solution for a smaller scale party, such as a Stag & Doe or Birthday Party. Looks like the real thing, just does not have legs like a table would have!

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Craps Rollout

Craps Accessory Package: $15

    300 Poker Chips

    There are 300 Professional Poker Chips in a stainless steel case - here are the denominations that you will receive: 100 white, 50 green, 50 blue, 50 black, 50 red. When you rent the Deluxe table, you get double this amount, so 600 chips (extra $5) and you will receive 300 white, 200 green, 100 black. Make sure you get enough cases of chips (each additional case of 300 is $10) because it would be a disaster if in the middle of the game your dealer ran out of chips. Plan ahead, overestimate, and think big! Please inform whoever is running the table for you (unless you use our dealers) that they must put all of the chips back in order of colour by the time we receive them back, or there will be charge of $5 per case.

    Poker Chips

    Wooden Dice Boat + 5 Red Casino Dice

    This boat will keep your sparkly red dice (all the way from Las Vegas) in a safe spot while the game is in play.

    Dice Boat

    2 x On/Off Pucks

    These pucks will let others know whether a game is in session or whether they are allowed to place a bet. You receive 2 pucks.

    On Off Puck

    9 Foot Stick

    This will allow the dealer to collect their dice and chips without strain.

    9 " Stick

Craps Game Rental Sign: $5

Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5
Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the prices that you want to charge for each poker chip, as well as the minimum and maximum bet!

Craps Table Sign