Common Questions When Booking

Common Questions When Booking

When do I Pick up and Drop off my Games?

We have set times for you to come to our showroom to get your order, as we are always in and out doing deliveries. Here are some typical times to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Typical Pick up Times:
Thursday 1030am to 5pm
Friday 1045am to 5pm

Typical Drop Off Times:
Monday 1045am to 5pm
Tuesday 1030am to 5pm

Up to 2 weeks in advance, you can book your Pickup & Drop Off Time from our ONLINE CALENDAR. If when you go to book your time you cannot find a time that will work with your schedule, please request a different time and we will see if we are able to accommodate. Typically we are out doing deliveries in the evenings and weekends, so we have our customers come to us during the day Monday to Friday when we are more flexible with our time.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

We have a great tool to answer all of your questions related to this! Just CLICK HERE, and then click on the game(s) you want and you will have your answer.

How Much of a Deposit do you Require to Book?

We require the full balance to be paid when you book. If you add anything to your order, you can pay that at any time before your event date, or just pay when you pick up your games. You can pay with Cash, Credit, E-Transfer, or Cheque.

Before I Book, I have a Question:

If you want to ask a quick question, then CLICK HERE.

Have a peak at our RENTAL AGREEMENT as well as our FAQs as your answer may be there.

Or if you would like to grab a quote, then click on this button below:

Ok, I am READY TO BOOK!!! Now What?

Please click on the Book button below, or feel free to call us at 905-592-2032.