Casino Night Game Rental Ideas

Casino Night Game Rental Ideas

Most Popular Casino Night Rentals

Find the game that you are interested in, and once you click on the specific CASINO TABLE or CASINO WHEEL, you will notice that we have several different sizes, several different styles, and they all have different price points that will fit into anyone's budget:

Roulette Deluxe Blackjack Table Deluxe Poker Table

Casino Night Fundraiser

If your Casino Night is a FUNDRAISER we suggest that your guests pay a fee to enter the event and are given a stash of RAFFLE TICKETS. They take these Raffle Tickets to a CASINO TABLE or CASINO WHEEL and exchange them for POKER CHIPS. Now they can bet with their poker chips. When they are done playing a game, they may exchange their poker chips back into raffle tickets. At the end of the night, your guests can count up their remaining raffle tickets, and the person with the most will win a large prize. Running your Casino Night this way is by far the easiest way to do it, and this prevents any actual cash on the Casino Tables which will appease many halls. This way you may avoid having to get gambling licenses or whatever else the law may require. Always be sure to check with the AGCO and the Hallís rules on gambling, as it will vary from city to city, and from hall to hall.

Importance of Dealers

To go along with your Casino Night theme, be sure to get a quote on our DEALERS as they deal for Jack of all Spades as well as for the Casino's so they have tons of experience entertaining people in a professional yet fun manner.

How many Tables or Wheels should I Rent?

We can help you determine how many tables you will need based on the number of people you have coming. Here is an example: If you are expecting 150 people to come to an event, plan on 40-50% playing at any given time. So you will need to find enough games that will look after 60-75 people. So you may get 1 Roulette, 3 Blackjack, 3 Poker and 2 Horse Race Wheels, which would look after 66 people at any given time. Here is some useful information to get you started so that you can see how we arrived at those numbers:

  • Blackjack - Looks after 7 at a time
  • Poker - Looks after 9 at a time
  • Roulette - Looks after 6 at a time
  • Craps - Looks after 6 at a time
  • Crown & Anchor Wheels - Looks after 4-7 at a time
  • Horse Race Wheels - Looks after 6 at a time
  • Car Race Wheels - Looks after 6 at a time

Need More Help?

Call us to discuss your event, and we will give you all of the knowledge we have! We plan Casino Nights all of the time so we can help you decide how to plan for this event accurately. Or you can click below on the button to get a quote for your Fundraiser.