Cash Box RentalsJack of All Spades

Cash Box Rentals

Deluxe Cash Box - $16

This is called Deluxe because it will set you up like a cashier would be set up. It organizes all of the bills AND coins separately.

Deluxe Cash Box Deluxe Cash Box

Medium Cash Box - $13

Our medium is a step up from our Coin Cash Box, as it has a place to put the bills. We have 2 different kinds that you can see below, so you will get whatever one we have available. Please note however if you want to organize the bills to have their own slots, then scroll above to see the Deluxe Cash Box instead.

Medium Cash Box Medium Cash Box

Coin Cash Box - $8

This is our Basic cash box, but note that it only holds coins. We have several kinds of these that we have collected over the years, so it may appear slightly different. If you need a place to keep the bills too and you dont want to lift up the tray everytime, you will want to upgrade to either our Medium or Deluxe. Scroll up to see the pics!

Coin Cash Box